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3 Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home


 With the recent COVID pandemic, many homeowners have recently found themselves with extra time in their hands. It’s no wonder that many of them have been able to take on home improvement projects that were previously neglected. In fact, BusinessWire.com states that “On average, those homeowners spent $1,750 making home improvements and cited time as the primary reason driving their efforts.” If you are among one of those homeowners looking to upgrade your home while adding major value to it, consider these renovation options that have a high return on investment.




1.Kitchen Upgrade

“ According to HGTV, you can expect to recoup 60%-120% of your investment on a kitchen remodel, as long as you don’t go overboard.” We understand that kitchen renovations can quickly add up but you’d be surprised by what you can do with just paint or new hardware. Similarly, focus on Energy-efficient appliances; they will not only save you money but are great for the environment! Instead of overspending, focus on DIY projects that add charm to your home without breaking the bank. Take for example, these IKEA countertops.  If you’re not much of a DIY person, hire an expert (we have great ones in mind.) Please note that if you plan on selling your home within the next five years, it’s important to keep potential buyers in mind.


2. Energy-Efficient Windows

Living in Southern California definitely has its perks, but most San Fernando Valley Natives know that it can get pretty warm. While most homes have great HVAC systems, not all have Energy Star-rated windows, which can save up to $500 a year in heating and cooling. According to HGTV, you can expect to recoup 60%-90% of your costs when you invest in energy-efficient windows. “Energy Star estimates that the average cost of window replacement in an average-sized home costs $7,500-$10,000, or more but there is a high return.

3.Curb Appeal

Updating your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint can add major curb appeal. If you are on a budget, you can simply pressure wash your home’s exterior to remove any excess dirt and just paint your door and trim. The right perennial plants will not only be cost-effective but also add character to your home.

What projects have you taken on since Quarantine started?

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