School August 31, 2020

Distance Learning Tips For Parents


School is back in session! Unlike prior years, where we’d find ourselves rushing to get our kids to school on time, we are now ensuring they are ready for distance learning. While this is all new to us, we are quickly learning to adapt and as a parent, I find myself searching for the best tips to help our kids adapt and succeed during this unprecedented school year. (It also helps that my wife is an elementary school teacher!) 


Here are some great tips I’ve found to be helpful during this transition:


1. Create a Workspace For Your Child

While it may be tempting to use the desk in your child’s room, it’s best to create a dedicated workspace where he or she can be ready to focus, especially the younger ones who are learning to create good habits. If your child’s room is filled with toys, tv, etc. they may become easily distracted. Creating a space where you can see them work while allowing their teacher to lead the lecture will not only help them focus, it will allow them to create a healthy learning environment.

2. Create A Routine

Before driving them to school, you’d make sure they’d shower, brush their teeth, get dressed, and eat. Not much should change when creating a routine for e-learning. While summer allowed them the flexibility of play and no homework when you create a routine your child will transition from summer break into school mode. Breaks are important and depending on their teacher’s class schedule, it’s important to allow your child time to play freely.  Remember to also set expectations when they are “in class” vs playing freely (we understand some of you are still working from home as well.) If you are unsure of expectations, speak to their teacher to ensure you understand what they expect of your child while class is in session.

3. Use Motivation & Display Work

Pay attention to anything your child may be struggling with so that you can get them the right help and don’t forget to praise them. Remember, in your child’s classroom you were able to see their hard work at Open House or Back To School Night. It was the perfect time for them to show you all their work. Display their achievements and artwork around their workstation or on your fridge. It’s a great reminder that you are paying attention. 

4. Connect With Their Teacher

We may not be trained teachers but doing our part at home can facilitate a teacher’s job. During school hours, our job is to create an environment where our children can learn but remember that our teachers know what they are doing. Reach out to see how you can help make their job easier so that they can provide the best learning experience for our kids.


Hope this helps! If you have any additional tips, please share them below! You never know who can benefit from your idea!

Have a wonderful school year! Go Explorers!

-Ofir Bass